Wednesday, May 21, 2019

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**The VDOE SOL Student Report (with SOL scores) was given to students today along with a summer math review packet. Use it to keep the math fresh in your memory so you’re ready hit the ground running next year.

Pick up any medications in the nurse’s office before it is discarded.

Enjoy your summer vacation and good luck in middle school.

Stop back over the next few years to let me know how you are doing. Sincerely, Mr Sparico

Monday, May 20, 2019

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Tomorrow, Tuesday 5/21 at 9:30 AM is the 5th grade promotion ceremony. Students will exit the ceremony and must go back to their homeroom.

**If you are planning on taking your child home following the ceremony, you must sign them out in their homeroom.

Students should dress in their “Sunday Best”. No old jeans/T-shirts/etc.

Wednesday is the last day of school and an early dismissal.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

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Yes, we made it! All the SOL testing is done except for a few lucky kids that get the opportunity to retake their Math SOL on Friday.

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My three math classes (65 students) earned at least a 97% pass rate(63/65). That may go up after retakes are averaged in. AWESOME! I pushed hard and they worked hard. The effort has paid off! And there was 1 perfect 600(not an easy task!). We can’t tell them their scores just yet, but believe they will be mailed home at a later date.

Our focus now is to relax and enjoy the last few days of elementary school.

Tomorrow students will be rewarded with a slice of pizza if they have not lost it due to mis-behavior. This is not in place of their normal lunch, but in additon to. It is also math SOL retake day, cotton candy PTA treat day(send in $1.00 if your child), and Hawaiian Day!

Remember! The 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony is Tuesday 5/21 from 9:30-? You may take your child home immediately following the ceremony, but must come to their homeroom to sign them out first.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

We’re almost done! The Math SOL is tomorrow, remediation Friday and retakes Friday if they qualify. Please review one last time tonight using the SOL test taking strategy handout and your notebook. Be sure to get a good night’s sleep, eat a healthy breakfast and be on time. Testing begins at 9:00. Make sure you have at least 2 good pencils with erasers.

It is a long day and most likely the longest of the 3 SOL tests, so be sure you have a good book to read after you submit your test. Now that the school library is closed for check out, you may want to stop at the Ladysmith Library to check out a couple good books to read over the next few days.

Important Dates/Reminders

Friday 5/17 is PTA Cotton Candy Treat Day. Send in $1.00 no later than Thursday if your child wants to pre-order. It is also Hawaiian Day.

Monday 5/20 is the 5th grade cookout. No need to send in a lunch.

Tuesday 5/21 is the 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony at 9:30. This is more than a typical awards assembly. Students are asked to dress nicely. Parents are encouraged to attend. If you plan on taking your child home immediately following the ceremony, you will need to come back to their homeroom and sign them out.

Wednesday 5/22 is the last day for students and is an early dismissal.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Homework: Math SOL is Wednesday. The Math SOL Problem Solving Strategy packet went home today. Use it to review so you are confident that you have an approach or a strategy ready for each and every concept that may be on the test. It’s crunch time, so be sure to focus the review on YOUR specific weaknesses. Use your notebook for practice problems(just redo them), examples, and step by step examples if you are not sure.

And don’t forget to come in tomorrow and Tuesday with any last minute questions. I will send the next 2 days addressing student driven questions, so the more they ask the more we can cover. Now is not the time to stay quiet.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Congratulations to those students that prepared for and worked hard while taking the Math Final Exam. Most students performed very well and I am very proud of the progress so many have made in math this year. Those grades have been posted but may change because I am giving every student the chance to improve their grade and earn back 1 pt/question if they can correct their mistakes without assistance and on the first attempt.

With that said, students will be given one last resource. It is a “Math SOL Problem Solving Strategies” packet and will go home Monday. It is essentially the entire year worth of notes boiled down to six pages. I tried to include as many of the “Brain Dumps”, acronyms, and mnemonics that I could as well as the basics they must know going into this test. They will be instructed to take it home Monday and Tuesday night along with their notebooks to continue to review for their Math SOL on Wednesday 5/15.

If they find they are NOT comfortable with any of the content in the packet, then they should focus Monday and Tuesday night review on those weaknesses. They should also come in with questions. I will use their questions to guide my review next week before the SOL. If they don’t ask, I can’t help.

Education Galaxy would be a great online resource for them to use over the weekend. They can click on the “My Recommended Topics For Study” tab that highlights with “red or yellow” dots their biggest weaknesses based on their pre-assessment on the program.

Below is also a fantastic link to TEI(Technology Enhanced Items) SOL formatted questions(choose 5th grade) to practice: Copy and paste to access website.

For many, the math SOL will be their most challenging test of the year, for others not so much. You all know your children better than anyone, please set aside enough time for your child to prepare accordingly based on their ability and performance throughout the year.

My job is just about done, but they are not finished yet. It is up to them to dig deep the next few days, stay focused, and finish the year having done their absolute best on ALL of their SOL tests including Math on Wednesday.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Reading SOL tomorrow 5/8/19. Get a great night’s sleep, eat a healthy breakfast to fuel the body and mind while testing, and please be on time. The test session begins at 9:00 AM.

Tuesday, May 6, 2019

Homework: Reading SOL is tomorrow. Please get a great night’s sleep, be on time, and eat a good breakfast to keep you focused during the exam. Students should be reading and reviewing any notes they may have at home.

**We also started the Math Final exam today. They will have the entire class tomorrow to complete. >I suggested that if they were stuck on any of the questons, to refer to their notebooks at home so they can come in tomorrow with a strategy.

Cinco De Mayo, 2019

***Students should have their math notebooks at home every night to review for the Math SOL on 5/15. Tomorrow we will spend time focusing on small group remediation, at which time I will guide groups through corrections on several recent assignments. Students may also be on Education Galaxy focusing on Patterns, Algebra and Measurement which is traditionally a weakness for 5th graders on the SOL. Students can always log in to Ed Galaxy at home with parents permission. I recommend they do that as often as possible between now and the SOL on 5/15.

Following small group remediation/corrections, students will begin their 5th grade Math Final Exam(40 questions). They will not finish tomorrow, but will get the test back on Tuesday to complete. Once the exam has been graded, I will use that as the final review by having students find and correct mistakes.

Reminders/Calender Updates:

**Behavior/attitude has dropped for many 5th graders in recent weeks. To best prepare them for the last two SOL’s, we need them focused, positive and ready to work hard the next 10 days! With that said, we have implemented a 3 strikes policy. If students do not follow the basic class/school rules they will recieve a strike. 3 strikes and they lose an activity which include the 5th Grade party on 5/20. 3 more strikes and they lose the Grizzly Pride activities also on the 20th. Please talk to and remind your children about following(without reminders) all of the basic school/classroom rules and expectations to avoid any unwanted consequences. Basic class/school rules include but are not limited to: Using appropriate voice levels in each area of the school(bus, hall/class/cafeteria…), being prepared for class, completing assigned work, being respectful, following directions the first time given, etc. Thanks for your support at home.

Calender reminders:

Wednesday 5/8: Reading SOL.

Thursday 5/9: Theatre Club Shrek production 6:30

Friday 5/10: School Spirit Day/Last Day of Running Club.

Wednesday 5/15: Math SOL

Friday 5/17: Hawiian Day and Cotton Candy Treat Friday-Pre-orders.

Monday 5/20: Grizzly Pride Day and 5th Grade Party *Unless lost due to mis-behavior.

Tuesday 5/21: 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony 9:30 AM

Wednesday 5/22: Last day of school – Early Dismissal.