Friday, March 29th

URGENT!  As the year goes on 5th grade students should be getting more responsible in an effort to prepare themselves for middle school.  Unfortunately, there are more and more students neglecting to turn in assigned work and/or coming to class unprepared.

Effectively immediately, any missing math work will be entered as a 0 (zero). ***This includes work turned in without a name.

If a student turns work in late, the 0 (zero) will be replaced less 10 points for each day late

Please take time every week (at least) to check your child’s grades on the parent portal (on-line grade book) and address any issues you see with your child.  

Friday March 21st

Homework:  Complete the elapsed time and order of operations homework worksheet.


Wednesday, March 13

BETA Club update!!

BETA essay, recommendation letters (2) and the $30.00 membership fee are all due tomorrow 3/14/13. 

Our 1st BETA meeting will be next Wednesday 3/20/13 at 7:30 a.m.  Members that have turned everything in (see above) can attend.  Nomination and election of officers will take place at this meeting and if time the planning of our 1st fundraising event.  It is important that you come prepared with your agenda and something to write with.

On behalf of Mrs. Horton and myself,


Friday, March 8th

5th Grade Math Homework:  Due to the snow days and loss of class time, we will be forced to take the quiz on Monday.  Students reviewed in class today with me and also started an open notebook “pre-test” that will be finished Monday before they begin the quiz.

****They were instructed to take their notebooks home and study over the weekend.

Wednesday, March 6th

Due to school cancellations, the 5th grade math quiz has been postponed until further notice.  We will finish covering the material on this quiz when we return before taking the quiz.

***Set aside 10-15 minutes during our snow days off to review your 3rd 9 weeks notebook entries.

Tuesday, March 5th

FYI – There is a graphing, stem-leaf, and Mean/Median/Mode/Range Quiz either Thursday or Friday of this week.  Students are finishing their notebook entries today and tomorrow and should be completing assigned homework to prepare.