Thursday, April 25

Homework:  Practice Workbook page 80 (PW 80) # 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 18, 20, 22.  This worksheet is in your notebook.  ALL WORK MUST BE SHOWN JUST LIKE THE PRACTICE EXAMPLES WE COMPLETED IN YOUR NOTEBOOK!

Monday, April 15th

Homework:  Study for Quiz tomorrow.  It will cover Algebra/Variables, Elapsed Time,

Tree Diagrams, Order of Operations.

***It may have a multi-step computation (+, -, x, /) review question or two also.

Thursday, April 11

Homework:  Complete the tree diagram worksheet.  You MUST explain why the incorrect answers are incorrect and for the last problem you MUST NEATLY create a tree diagram, sample space and multiply to show all of the possible combinations.

SOL TEST PREPARATION!  Now would be a great time to start going back into your notebook to review the skills you were taught earlier in the year.

>>Your textbook, practice workbook as well as various online links (see the “links” tab above) will be good resources for additional practice problems to complete at home with your parents as well as fun review games/quizzes.