Thursday, May 30th

Students began their Math Final Exam today.  They have tomorrow to finish.  

They will know their score as soon as they submit their test.  This grade will be entered into the online grade book after all make-ups are finished.

Their 5th Grade Virginia Math SOL is scheduled for next Friday, June 7th!!!!  Make sure your child is reviewing every day to prepare for this important assessment.  

I recommend focusing on the skills that they know they are still struggling with.

FYI:  Reading SOL-Monday June 3rd, Science SOL-Wednesday June 12th

Wednesday, May 29th

Homework:  Review the “Tips and Reminders” that were glued into notebooks today for your final exam and sol test.

5th Grade math Final Exam is tomorrow and the 5th grade Math SOL is on June 7th.


Tuesday, May 22nd

Homework:  Complete the patterns, functions, and algebra packet.

***Refer to you notebook for examples/suggestions for answering these types of questions correctly.

Thursday, May 16th

Homework:  The Math SOL multi-step study guide questions are due tomorrow.  Please remember to check AND sign you child’s work and their final answer.  

If it is incorrect, guide them to the correct solution.  

Try not to just give them the answer or do the work for them.

Wednesday, May 15th

Summer School Registration forms are being sent home today.

**If your child receives on, they have probably not passed a previous SOL and/or have under-performed this year in either math or reading.  If that is the case, they are in need of additional support to help them sustain their learning during the summer break.

PLEASE complete and return the registration form by May 24th


Monday, May 13-16, 2013

Homework:  This week (5/13-5/16) students will be assigned multi-step review questions.  PLEASE READ AND DISCUSS THE EXPECTATIONS WITH YOUR CHILD. 

  • They are to complete ONLY the problems assigned for homework that day          (NO MORE, NO LESS)
  • They MUST get a parent/guardian initial for each and every answer.                        No initials?  No credit!
  • A 100% will be earned for simply completing the problems (right or wrong).
  • The packet of 25 questions will then be collected and graded Friday the 17th and returned next week in order to discuss any/all possible solutions.
  • The SOL test will have several of these multi-step problems that many 5th grade students struggle with as they attempt to read and come up with a strategy for correctly solving the problems.  We have been completing problems like these in class on a regular basis.  This review packet is one last attempt to practice this skill.

Thank you in advance for working closely with your child at home and checking their work before they turn this review packet in to be graded.  Mr. Sparico

Wednesday, May 8th

Homework:  Finish simplifying fractions on notebook page 16 if not finished in class.  They will checked and graded when you arrive tomorrow. 

Monday, May 6

Homework:  Fraction model worksheet.  You must name the fraction represented by each shaded model and then order the fractions from least to greatest.