Monday, July 25th

Congratulations to those students that participated in summer school.

There was a lot of progress made and we are proud of their hard work!

Enjoy the rest of your summer vacation and good luck next year.

Mr. Sparico

Monday, July 22nd

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer break.  I know I am!

With that said, I also hope everyone is also “taking time to use their mind”.

There is plenty of time to have fun and stay mentally sharp for the next school year.

Read daily and find a way to review your math skills from last year.  You could use your notebook and/or your workbook if you saved it, or (with your parents permission) go online and use any of the math links that can be accessed by clicking the “Links” tab above.

Once again, Good luck at CMS to the rising 6th graders and I look forward to meeting and working with the rising 5th grades at LCES.

Mr. Sparico