Monday, February 24, 2014

Today student reviewed the various forms of displaying data (plots/graphs) that they learned in previous years including pie/circle graphs, bar graphs and line plots.  We will quickly move onto Line Graphs and Stem-Leaf Plots before diving into the concepts of Mean, Median, Mode and Range.  Please ask your child about these concepts at home and check out some of their new notebook entries.


It looks like snow……..again.  Hopefully we get enough of it to get outside and play in this time.  If I don’t see everyone tomorrow, ENJOY!!  Mr. Sparico

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Homework:  Complete the angles and triangles worksheet.  Please refer to your notebook as you complete this assignment.

Calendar Updates:  Please make note.

2/7/14:  No school for students/Teacher workday instead.

2/12/14:  Report Cards issued.

2/13/14:  THIS IS A CHANGE.  Parent/Teacher Conferences are February 13th.  Students will dismiss early.

2/17/14:  Snow make-up day/regular school day.