Homework: Multiplication worksheet #9-15 on paper turned sideways.  Choose Scratch/Zippy or Lattice Method but be sure to work neatly and accurately!

Use your times tables if needed to avoid mult. fact errors!!

Homework: Multiplication worksheet #1-8 only. Number/show work neatly on lined paper turned sideways. Use scratch/zippy or Lattice method.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dear Parents, beginning tomorrow we will quickly move through our computation unit that will require students to work neatly and accurately with single and multi-step problems, many of which will be word problems.  I will review basic computation skills from 4th grade, but will focus most of my efforts building on top of what your child should already know.  Being able to recall their multiplication facts quickly and accurately will also make a big difference in their performance.  Please check your child’s work regularly and expect them to check their work carefully.  

>>>Their notebook (if neat and maintained properly) should be a great resource at home.