Thursday, November 19, 2015

Homework:  Continue measuring angles using the online protractors.

>See my blog for those online protractor links.

>Please continue reviewing order of operations.

>There will be an order of operations quiz soon.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Students have been using protractors for a few days now and will be taking a quiz tomorrow using a hand-held protractor to measure and classify angles from 0-180 degrees.  

>>Find online protractors via my blog and continue to practice classifying 1st! and measuring angles.  

Friday, November, 13, 2015

I am highly recommending that students access my blog from home and practice using the online protractors found by clicking the “links” tab.  The more they practice with these online protractors the better prepared they will be when they need to measure angles on the SOL test.

>I recommend the Ambleside Primary protractor link.  It is the most realistic protractor as the students are expected to click and drag the protractor into place before they can measure accurately.  Remember to set the protractor to “up to 180 degrees” before you begin.

>The Math playground protractor has the tool already placed on the vertex of the angle eliminating that step for them so it is easier.

>>On their SOL test the studets will need to click and drag the tool onto the vertex of the angle so that is why the best tool to practice with is the Ambelside Primary protractor.    

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Homework: Lines and angles review page. Refer to notebook if needed. I suggest students go to my blog to access and practice using the online protractors.

There is a Circles Quiz Th. or Fr.  Students need to be able to identify and describe the parts of a circle AND calculate the radius, diameter and approximate circumference of a circle.  Remember “C D r”

November 5, 2015

Homework:  We are learning about the parts of a circle and their relationship to one another.  Students have a 1/2 pg notebook entry that they need to finish for homework tonight.

>>>There are definitions, pictures and examples  to refer to in their notebooks.