Thursday, April 28, 2016

Homework:  SOL Take Home Test Part 2 due tomorrow (4/29/16).

>Please have all work shown neatly on lined paper stapled to the back and the answer page filled on in the front.

Most students did well on part 1.  I was very pleased.  Parents, look for their graded work to come home.  We will spend time in class before the SOL test discussing the correct solutions.

Tuesday, April 27, 2016

Math Extra Credit:)  I know there’s a lot of work already assigned over the next week, but I’ve had several kids ask about more extra credit.  So…. here it is.

Janet bought 12 feet of ribbon to wrap graduation gifts for her three friends.  

If Janet uses 2 and 3/4 feet for Sonya’s gift, 4 and 1/6 feet for Devin’s and 3 and 3/12 feet for Whitney’s gift, how much ribbon will Janet have left?


Monday, April 25, 2016


Math Practice SOL Test Question packets(4) and a comprehensive SOL Test Taking Strategies Handout were sent home today.

Due dates are on the parent letter that needs to be signed and returned tomorrow(just cut the bottom off).

Please ask you child to hand them to you so you all can read the directions/expectations page together.  THESE ARE GRADED:)

The more effort put into completing these questions correctly the more you will benefit from the work involved.


Homework:  Determine Correct Pattern worksheet.   Remember to first ask yourself, ” Is the sequence increasing or decreasing?”, and then write a rule for all 4 choices before selecting an answer.

Tuesday, April 12, 16

Homework:  Probability packet(2 pages/stapled).  Look for word clues on the 1st page.  Be sure to write the fraction and simplify it because sometimes the correct answer will be in simplest form.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Free Fort AP Hill Field Trip is 4/21.  Permission form coming today.  

>>Only 3 parent volunteers permitted/class.  1st come/1st serve.  

Homework: Complete Perimeter/Area/Volume SOL Review Sheet. Show ALL work on lined paper numbered and neat.

Due Monday 4/11/16.  

Refer to notebook for examples we completed together in class.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Homework: Create a tree diagram for the “She is picking an outfit” problem. Refer to completed examples in notebook. Neatness counts.

Remember!  Do the multiplication first so you know how many combinations you will end up with.  Then think about how far apart to spread your choices.  Not far enough and your branches will run in to one another.  Too far apart and you’ll run out of room on top or bottom of tree diagram.    

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Homework:  Create a tree diagram for the “John going to the movies” event.  Please refer to completed examples in notebook.

Remember, Spread the 1st choices out far enough so the next choices do not run in to the others.  BUT…, not too far that any branches run off the top or bottom of the page.  Neatness counts!