Thursday, September 29, 2016

Homework:  Multiplying worksheet.  Remember we added decimal points to ALL 5 problems!    Round them first and estimate product and then do the paper/pencil work.

  1.          7.955 x 2 =
  2.          4.7 x 6.7 =
  3.          1.65 x 7.3 =
  4.          52.7 x 3.3 =
  5.          2.626 x 8.1 =

Refer to notebook for tips on multiplying decimals and how to correctly place the decimal point in the final product.  

You have a times table in your notebook.  Please refer to it.  

DO NOT make basic fact errors.  Focus on the process.

Homework:  Finish 3 multi-step word problems in notebook.  Number & label each step as instructed in class.  Refer to completed ex’s in notebook.

>>Check all division with multiplication and all subtraction with addition(also modeled in notebook).

Homework:  Study for place value/rounding/time quiz(Wed. or Thur.) & complete Wednesday’s daily Math Review problems.

>>Times tables ONLY IF you have NOT passed your Mad Minute.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Homework:  Students were given time (20+min.) in class to work on both their math review for Tuesday and the quiz study guide.   Both due tomorrow.

Show work as instructed in class to avoid careless errors.

The quiz will be later this week.  Maybe Wed./Thurs.

Next week we will wrap up rounding today and have a cumulative quiz on  place value/rounding decimals/time next week sometime.

We will also begin reviewing and practicing our computation skills beginning with adding and subtracting whole #’s and decimals.  Our focus will be on applying these skills in the context of multi-step word problems that require higher order thinking.  Reading well will be critical.  Please encourage your child to read and re-read word problems and to apply the skills we will discuss in class to each and every word problem.    >>Slow and steady wins the race.  Don’t rush.  Read everything carefully.