Homework:  Perimeter & Area review sheet.

Must show all work *brain dumps” on lined paper!

>>>Write units of measure correctly for full credit!

***Math Benchmark Thursday so work hard nd make themost out of these reiew sheets***

Firday, December, 9, 2016

Homework:  Students will need to bring home their notebooks this weekend to complete the Math Benchmark study guide & review for assessment.  Go back and review notes from the beginning of the year.  Suggestions:  Elapsed time, place value, working with decimals, distributive property, even/odd rules, order of operations.  

Homework:  Study Guide #21-28.  Must check division with multiplication.

>>Think carefully when working w/ decimals.  Ask yourself, “should I line up the decimal points?  Or not?”  and “Where should the decimal point go in my answer?”  Refer to your notebook.

>>Remember what we’ve said about estimating sums and differences (like #28)!

Monday, December 5, 2016


  1.  Tuesday Math Review.
  2.  Numbers 1-5 on the 2nd 9 weeks Benchmark/Test Study Guide.   Benchmark is next                                >>>Students can work ahead if they choose.  

All work must be shown on seperate lined paper.