March 29, 2017

5th Grade Field Trip tomorrow.

Be here at 7:10.  We leave at 7:20 sharp.

Pack lunch and snacks/drinks for ride.

NO electronic games.

Dress for weather and lots of walking.

Please have a ride at LCES by 5:00 for pick up!



Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Homework:  Finish Thursday Math Review.  We will collect and grade Monday-Thursday tomorrow so you can correct mistakes before quiz on Friday.  Refer to your notebook for help.  Do not just guess.  This is the time of the year to pay attention to the details and put in a little extra effort.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Homework:  Complete Tuesday’s Math Review.  Refer to your notebook as needed.  Don’t just kinda do it.  Really take the time to work carefully.  SOL’s are quickly approaching and every little bit of effort now will pay of later.

Important Updates/Dates to Remember:

Field Trip to CMS tomorrow 3/28 (if you have turned in permission slip.)

Virginia Science Museum Field Trip Thursday.

>>>>>>Final payment was due last Friday.  

>Arrive at LCES no later than 7:10.  We board buses at 7:30 sharp.

>Pack a lunch/snacks if you did not request a school lunch.

>Check weather and dress appropriately(lots of outdoor time).

>Bring money for gift shop(it is your responsibility).

>No hand-held electronic games per county policy.

>Bring a phone at your own risk for picture taking only.


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Homework:  Finish the Perimeter, Area, Volume SOL Review Sheet.  Refer to notebook for help.  It’s been a while since we worked with these concepts.  Show all work on lilned paper.  Use the brain dumps you learned.

Friday, March 17th, 20017

Here are some pictures of our Pi(3.14) Day activities.

Below is an example of a circle pennant on which students were required to calculate the radius, diameter and circumference of the circle.  

Below is a picture of the “Pi Chain” we created, snaking its way along the wall.  It is a chain with roughly 149 links, each of which contains a digit in the number Pi.  3.14159…

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Knowing that you all have a little extra time on your hands today, here are some math problems to solve in preparation for mean/median/mode/range quiz tomorrow(that would have been today).

1.  Over the last six days, the following amounts of snow fell(inches) in New York:  11″, 2″, 1″, 9″, 8″, 2″

Calculate the mean, median, mode & range using the data above.

Here are 3 circle questions in celebration of National Pi (3.14) Day which is celebrated every year on March 14th(3/14).

2.  If the circumference of a hula hoop measures 48 inches.  About how long is the diameter of the hula hoop?

3.  Mr Sparico built a circular stone border around his garden with an 84″ circumference.  About how long is the radius of his garden?

4.  About how long is the circumference of circular pool if its radius measures 16ft?

Good luck!  Check with me before annoncements tomorrow and you’ll receive a treat for each correct answer!  Refer to your notebooks if needed.  Remember, you were instructed last Thursday to take them home to review for the quiz.