Friday, May 12, 2017

Math SOL is next Wed. 5/17.  Below are some test prep. recommendations:

Open your notebook and go back to the beginning of the year and study.  Just re-read your notes and completed examples to refresh your memory.

Click on the “links” tab from my homepage and open/copy and paste any of those lnks for various 5th grade math skill games/activities

Go to JLab at for online released test questions. Follow the below steps to “create” a quiz:                            ***Select 5th, 10 questions, additional options, next screen, all years, next options, choose a strand, GO!!

I would suggest having your notebook and the SOL test-taking strategies handout in front of you so you can refer to it while you work (if needed). 

Most importantly, ASK QUESTIONS!  WE only have a couple days next week to wrap things up, so ask questions so we can help you DO YOUR BEST ON THE TEST!  

I am confident that you will ROCK THE TEST!!