Sunday, February 25, 2018

Join us as we celebrate Read Across America Week February 26-March 2.  Here’s what’s planned at L.C.E.S

Monday-Read My Shirt
Wear a shirt that others can read.

Tuesday-Reading Fun in the Sun
Bring your shades, beach towels, and sun hats. All
students will read at the beach today.

Wednesday-Cozy up with a good book
Wear your pajamas.

Thursday-Oh, the Places You’ll Go
Dress like what you want to be when you grow up.

Friday-Seuss-ify Yourself
Dress up like your “Favorite Seuss Character.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Homework:  The fraction unit test will be soon.  With a long 4 day weekend ahead of us and 2 days out of class, I have assigned the 3rd and final fraction test review sheet as homework.  It is due Tuesday 2/20 with a parent signature and ALL work numbered and shown neatly on lined paper.  They will be requried to find and correct any mistakes before we will schedule the unit test.

FYI-The 1st review sheet has been graded and should be in their Thursday folders.  I suggest they pull that out and refer to any corrections they had to make so the do not repeat the same mistakes.  They were also instructed to take their notebooks home and to use it if they get stuck at any point in these problems.


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Homework:  Adding and subtracting fraction/mixed # review page.  Show all work as always and as instructed.

I’d also like to say CONGRATULATIONS to our BETA convention winners!  They represented LCES and CCPS well.  Way to go kids!

Monday, February, 12, 2018

Homework:  Finish the 1st Round Fraction Review that was started in class.

As always, ALL work must be show as modeled and instructed in class.  

**Students are far too often NOT showing their work and making repeated careless mistakes.  If they think it, they should write it.  Encourage your child to write it all down!  

>>>>There will be a Fraction Unit Test in soon.  Look for a date in their agenda’s.  The more effort (showing work) they put into these review problems, the better they will do on their test.

We will learn how to multiply a fraction by a whole number this week before moving onto comparing and ordering sets of fractions, mixed numbers and decimals.  Look for notebooks to come home as they work with these concepts and complete assigned homework.


Thursday, February 8, 2018

Homework:  Adding and Subtracting mixed numbers worksheet.  Complete all 4 problems and show ALL work as instructed for full credit.


  1.  List the mulitples to find your LCD.
  2. Multiply (show it!) to rename fractions with common denominator.
  3. Add or subtract(depending on the question-Read them carefully.)
  4. If adding, divide (show it) convert any improper fractions to mixed number BUT DON’T FORGET TO ADD THE ORIGINAL WHOLE # TO THE MIXED #!
  5. If subtracting, regroup ONLY IF NEEDED.  LOOK IN Notebook for examples!
  6. As always, find your GCF and divide to answer in simplest form by listing or using a factor tree!

Refer to completed examples in NB if needed.  They will help is you get stuck at any point in the problem.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Homework:  Complete Tuesday math review corrections if not finished in class.

Solve both mixed number problems.  Refer to notebook examples as needed and pay close attention to the work required if and when you need to regroup with mixed numbers.

February 1, 2018

Homework:  Follow directions please or you’ll have more work tomorrow.

  1. Solve both adding and subtracting mixed number problems you copied into your notebook.  SHOW ALL WORK including:
    1. Listing multiples to find common demointor.
    2. Multiplication as you rename each as an equivalent fraction with the common denominator.
    3. The addition or subtraction required.
    4. Any division needed to convert any improper fractions to mixed numbers.
    5. The list of factors or a factor tree showing me how you found the greatest commn factor needed to answer in simplest form.



***If not finished in class, finish #9-14 ONLY(don’t work ahead) on the “Reducing fraction” worksheet.  Must use the factor tree method for finding the GCF for #’s 9, 11, 13, 14.  Choose a method for #’s 10, 12, 15.***