Friday, August 31, 2018


We are going to the VA State Fair on Octber 2nd from 9-2’ish.  for one of our field trips.  A permission form was sent home today(8/31/18).

>Each teacher can take 4 chaperones.  They are assigned by drawing from those slips that have been returned no later than September 7th and have been marked that they are interested in being a chaperone.  You will be notified if your name was drawn. 

Don’t forget!  The LCES Back To School Night is September 6th from 5:30-7:00.  Grade level informational sessions will be held, as well as lot’s of fun PTA sponsored stuff(food!!).  I look forward to seeing everyone.    


Thursday, August 30, 2018

Homework:  Rounding worksheet(side 2).  Side 1 was done in class together.  Be sure to show the work by underlining the digit in the place you are rounding it to and drawing the arrow to the right, before you apply the rounding rules to each decimal.

Remember!  Rounding a “9” is a little different so refer to completed ex’s in your notebook and the flip side of this worksheet before you begin the assignment.  

Other reminders:

Tomorrow is $1.00 PTA Treat Day and LCES pirit Wear Day.  Come in your LCES Tee and bring some Moohlah for a special treat to end the week.

Sept. 6th is the LCES Back To School Night/PTA Fall Festival from 5:30-7:00

Come out and enjoy some fun and games as well as some good food for purchase.  An Informational flyer is being sent home in today’s Thursday folders along with other important information.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Homework:  Write times tables (if they have not passed their Mad Minute Facts Quiz yet).  They know who they are.  

There will be a place value quiz tomorrow or Friday.  They can use their paper cut out place value charts to practice if they feel the need.  They will be given a blank place value chart and will have to use a work bank to fill in all of the place values positions.

Today was our fieldtrip to CMS for the Rachel’s Challenge.  The focus was practicing positive gossip and  not letting their environment change the color of their character(stay true to your color) among other topics.  They were sent home with 5 challenges to consider.  Ask them to explain, or go to  for more details.  

>>Please encourage your kids to talk about what they saw and heard.  It was an emotional program that dealt with lot’s of mature topics that our children unfortunately face in our currect day and age.  Some of which are not pleasant to think about.  

Friday is the 1st LCES Spirit Wear Day and PTA Treat Day.    



Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Homework:  Due to CMS field trip tomorrow morning (still missing a few permission slips!) our time will be limited.  In preparation for shorter classes, students must complete their daily Math Review problems for Wednesday 8-29 tonight.  

This will be collected prior to leaving for the field trip so they can be graded and handed back in class for a quick discussion/correction as needed. 

With that said they need to get it done tonight please.




Monday, August 27, 2018


  1.  Complete decimal model estimation worksheet.  Refer to all of the ex’s in your notebook as needed.  This is a rounding concept so think about the decimal each model represents rounded to the nearest tenth’s place.
  2. Write times tables 1 x each night this week (ONLY IF you have not passed the mad minute quiz with a 90%+.  Last week graded quiz handed back today.  

Remember to sign and return the CMS field trip (this wed.) permission slip.  


Thursday, August 23, 2018

HomeworkFor most it is just to finish coloring and cutting out a place value chart manipulative that we will be using to review place value. Be sure to neatly place all 26 pieces of of the chart into the baggy I provided.

For some, they also need to finishing correcting last night’s ti,e/mixed review sheet and/or today’s math review.  Check with your child to be sure they complete these corrections  because the Friday quiz tomorrow will reflect these same skills.  If they have questions, please encourage them to come see me in the AM before announcements. 

Other important info.

*Thursday folders were sent home (please retuen tomorrow)and are full of club forms as well as the 1st 5th grade field trip form.  Return the field trip form ASAP and any club forms that your child is interested in joining.  Sign up is 1st come 1st serve.

*Please return Coupon books or the $ if sold.   


Wednesday, August 2, 2018


  1.  Write times tables ONLY IF you did NOT pass the Mad Minute Quiz with 90%+.  Remember, four set of the times tables will be collected Friday before retaking the Mad Minute Quiz.
  2. If not completed in class, finish the elapsed time/mixed review page.    >>There will probably be a time quiz Friday.  Be prepared.  Review notes!

***We began reviewing place value today.  Students need to know their place value positions before we begin rounding whole numbers and decimals.

SOL 5.1:  The student, given a decimal through thousandths, will round to the nearest whole number, tenth, or hundredth.

Other updates:

Friday 8/24 is School Spirit/Tye Dye Day

Setpember 6th is Back To School Night(more details to come)


Monday, August 20, 2018


  1.  If you did not passed your Mad Minute with a 90% or better, you need to write your times tables(1-12’s) one time every night this week(M-TH).  You will take another Mad Minute Quiz this Friday.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Homework:  If your Mad Minute quiz was not passed with a 90% or better you must get your agenda signed and show parents the letter attached to quiz.  Continue to study those facts at home.  Reflex Math is still available from last year but the account will be closed in a couple months.

We continued to discuss various time concepts with a focus today on finding the “end” time of an event.  For ex:  Jim started the race at 7:32 am.  He ran for 3 hours and 48 minutes.  When did Jim cross the finish line?  In 5th grade they need to find the answer to the nearest minute.    

Reminder.  Notebooks are always a good resource if they have been maintained and all of the guided practice problems have been completed.  If not, then it may not be much help and may confuse them.  Please talked your kids about staying on task in class so they are not missing content being presented.

Homework:  Finish elapsed time worksheet problems(if not completed in class).

PLEASE review and look back at the completed ex’s in your notebook before calculating each answer.  >>>If you followed along and worked neatly in class as I guided you through the ex’s then your notebook should be helpful.

Be sure to work NEATLY and show ALL work so you account for all of the hours and the minutes that have passed during each event.