Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Homework:  Students were given time after the math benchmark to complete their 1st 9 week test study guides and their daily math review for Monday – Thursday of this week.  Their homework is to finish the study guide (if not done in class) AND correct any mistakes on their math review.  These will both be collected as soon as they arrive tomorrow so they will not be able to do it in the AM.  

There will be a cumulative math test after we have a chance to look at benchmark results and remediate as needed.  The study guides will also be used to review.  Students are asked to take some time every night to go back into their notebooks and study/review from the notebook entries provided throughout the year so far.  If they have been responsible and have kept it organized and up to date, their notebook should be a great resource from which to study.  If not…?  Well, hopefully they will work on being more responsible the 2nd 9 weeks. 

With that said, their goal this year is to not only master the 5th grade content, but to become more independent, responsible students so they are better prepared for middle school and all that encompases.  We provide countless opportunities throughout the year for them to practice and become more independent, responsible students.  It’s up to them to take advantage of those oppportunities.  

Extra Stuff:

Book Fair is October 18th-26th.  Please look for information in Thursday folders on 10/11.  There are online options for purchacing and for setting up accounts for your children so they have $ available without having to carry cash or checks. 

Family Fun Night is the 25th.

If you did not purchase fall pictures yet, you can still do so by going to https://www.strawbridge.net/