November 28, 2018

Homework:  Finish the perimeter notebook entry if not done in class.  Double check your work if you did finish it in class.  All questions with the “*” have figures that do not have a picture, or all of the sides are not labeled.  So just like I modeled in class, draw the figure and label the length and/or width of ALL sides BEFORE you solve the problem.    

**Number and NEATLY show all work.  There is plenty of space.

Remember!  Perimeter is the distance all the way around a polygon.  So be sure to account for ALL sides of the figure in each question, especially if all sides are not labeled with a length or width.

**There are several completed examples in your notebook.  Refer to them before you complete this assignment to avoid careless mistakes. 

Monday, November 26, 2018

Homework:  Classify the triangle leaves(6), first by the length of their sides as Equilateral, Isosceles or Scalene AND by the measure of their angles as Right, Acute or Obtuse.  Spelling counts.  Put in the effort and refer to your notebook if needed!


Tonight (11/26) is the LCES MCDonalds Spirit Night from 5-8PM

Friday 11/30/18 is a School Spirit Day, PTA Treat Friday and the last day of running club.

December 6th is the LCES Spelling Bee in the forum beginning at 9:30.

December 7th is another School Spirit Day as well as Muffins with Mom.


Tuesday, November 20, 2018

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Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you all enjoy the holiday break.

In the spirit of traveling over holiday break, students were offered a “Protractor Ground School” Extra Credit Assignment that requires them to use their knowledge of angles and protractors.  It is due when they return from break(if they chose to take one).

>No late work will be accepted.

Students will need to:

1.  Draw a 140 degree obtuse angle.  Make sure all three points are labeled with the vertex as the center point.

>>A protractor was provided – please return.

2.  Draw, measure and classify 3 angles created by three different pilots as they fly from destination to destination along their flight path.

**We already completed one of these assignments in class using 3 different flight paths, so they should be comfortable with the expectations and the tips/strategies I modeled in class.

Some reminders:

11/26:  PTA McDonald’s Spirit Night from 5-8

11/30 – School Spirit Day and Last day for running club!




Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Homework:  Study for the circle quiz tomorrow.  Go back to Monday’s post for details and study suggestions.

>>Students will also take their Friday quiz tomorrow(not Friday) after Thursday’s problems have been reviewed and corrected.  

I rarely take days off, but will be out tomorrow for personal reasons.  I have spoken to all of my students about my academic and behavioral expectations for them when I am out of class.  Nothing changes.  Please talk to your child before coming to school tomorrow about behaving appropriately and treating my substitute teacher with respect by following our normal classroom rules without having to be reminded.  

Tomorrow is the LCES Thanksgiving Dinner in the cafeteria.  Please check-in in the office for your pass.

Friday is Career Day.  Students are asked to come dressed as their future career.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Homework:  Finish Circles Review sheet(they had time in class to start).

>>The quiz will be Thursday on power test so be sure to review daily.

**Students need to know the relationship between the parts of the circle(ex:  The circumference is about 3 times as long as the diameter, the diameter is 2 times as long as the radius, the radius is half the length of the diameter, etc…).

**Students also need to know how to calculate each when given the other(ex:  What is the length of the diameter if the radius is 16cm’s long?, About how long is the circumference if the radius is 8 yards long?, etc…).

>I taught the kids a brain dump using the letters “CDr”.  It is in their notebooks and was also written on an index card that should be in the pocket folder of their notebook.  Ask them to explain how to use the dump.


Thursday, November 8, 2018

Homework:  Go to the following links to watch an angles/protractor review video and then practice using interactive protractors on the following 2 links(copy/paste into your web browser) to practice measuring angles.

Tomorrow is our LCES Veterans Day Parade.  If you are a Veteran and would like to be recognized by our staff and students, please come to the school and park in the back bus lot aroud 9:00.  I believe the parade starts around 9:15/9:30 but someone will greet you and tell you what, where and when.  Thank you for your service!  Mr. Sparico 

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Homework:  Use the protractor provided(do not lose or break) to measure the eight angles on figure “X” in your notebook.  Refer to the tips and strategies glued into your notebook for proper protractor use.  We used these strategies in class today when we measured the five angles on the previous page in your notebook.  Below is a summary to help:

  1. ALWAYS try and classify the angle 1st.  This will give you a range of numbers you’re looking for on the protractor.  Ex:  If you classify an angle as acute(0-89 degrees), it would make no sense to pick 135 degrees(obtuse) on the protractor. 
  2. Always set the center point of the protractor on the vertex of the angle and then rotate it so one of the rays lines up with the zero degree mark on the protractor.  **Use a pencil point to keep it in place and don’t let it slide off the vertex or the measurement will be inacurate.
  3. Always begin measuring the angle from zero!
  4. THINK and decide if you should be reading the inside or outside row of numbers on the tool.  Remember!  If you start at zero, you should read the correct row of numbers!

Please do not loose or break the protractor. 

You are responsible for returning it tomorrow.  

From the PTA:

Good afternoon PTA members!!!
We are excited for our upcoming vendor bingo event and are looking for volunteers to ensure it is a success!!
We are in need of volunteers for set up, concessions, bingo attendees and clean up volunteers.
If you are able to volunteer, please let me know as soon as you can!
Without all of our amazing volunteers, none of our events are possible!
Thank you so much or your continued involvement and support!!
The LCES PTA Board
Emma, Britnea, Robin & Erica

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Homework:  Complete Tuesday’s Math Review as well as the Even/Odd Quiz Review sheet before coming to school tomorrow.  You will need to complete Wednesday’s math review tomorrow so there will be no time to complete your homework in the morning.  Refer toyour notebook for ex’s if struggling.