Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Homework:  Use the protractor provided(do not lose or break) to measure the eight angles on figure “X” in your notebook.  Refer to the tips and strategies glued into your notebook for proper protractor use.  We used these strategies in class today when we measured the five angles on the previous page in your notebook.  Below is a summary to help:

  1. ALWAYS try and classify the angle 1st.  This will give you a range of numbers you’re looking for on the protractor.  Ex:  If you classify an angle as acute(0-89 degrees), it would make no sense to pick 135 degrees(obtuse) on the protractor. 
  2. Always set the center point of the protractor on the vertex of the angle and then rotate it so one of the rays lines up with the zero degree mark on the protractor.  **Use a pencil point to keep it in place and don’t let it slide off the vertex or the measurement will be inacurate.
  3. Always begin measuring the angle from zero!
  4. THINK and decide if you should be reading the inside or outside row of numbers on the tool.  Remember!  If you start at zero, you should read the correct row of numbers!

Please do not loose or break the protractor. 

You are responsible for returning it tomorrow.  

From the PTA:

Good afternoon PTA members!!!
We are excited for our upcoming vendor bingo event and are looking for volunteers to ensure it is a success!!
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