Thursday December 20, 2018

Christmas Break Polar Express Math Extra Credit

The extra credit was given to every student today and they were encouraged to take it home to complete. It is due 1/7/19. No late work will be accepted.

All of their work must be numbered and neatly shown on the back, or on lined paper to get credit for their answers.

I also want to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a safe and relaxing new year. See you all in 2019.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Homework:  As a final review for the  2nd CCPS math benchmark tomorrow, finish the 2nd 9 Week Benchmark/Test Study guide.  For most that will be questions #30-40 because #’s 1-29 were either done as homework or completed in class.

USE THE circle, perimeter, area and volume BRAIN DUMPS!

Be sure ALL answers are written on both the study guide AND answer pg.

If you think you are finished, take time to go back and re-read the questions and really double check your work and your answers.  Refer to examples and strategies that may help if you get stuck on something. 

DO NOT JUST GUESS!  This is being taken for a take-home test grade!


Friday, December 14, 2018

Homework:  It does not happen often, but I am assigning a little work over the weekend.   This is in an effort to catch up from snow days and in preparation for the 2nd 9 week county benchmark next Tuesday.  My end of term test will be administered after break and we’ve reviewed more.

**The assignment is to finish(started in class) study guide questions #’s 21-29 only(skip the other questions).  These are all computation questions that will requre them to add/subtract/multiply/divide whole numbers and decimals.  >>Because it’s been a while since I taught these skills(1st 9 weeks), I recommend that they refer to their notebooks 1st as a review prior to working through these 9 problems.  There are plenty of step by step examples in their notebooks!


**Make sure they number and show their work for every solution on the lined/grid paper provided and also write their answers on answer sheet. 

Additional reminders:

Refer to yesterday’s post for SCA sponsored spirit day schedule for next week.   

Social Studies benchmark is Monday and Math is Tuesday.

Our Holiday celebration is next Thursday following the school wide sing-a-long and our Reading Buddy activity with the Ms. Mair’s pre-k class.  

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Homework:  2nd 9 Week Math Benchmark/Cumulative Test Study Guide
#’s 1-12.  Do not work ahead unless told to do so.
>>Due to lost class/instructional time, we are behind and the county math benchmark is upon us(12/18).  With that said, the study guide will be sent home nightly AND over the weekend to answer more review questions so they can be as prepared as possible for the math CCPS 5th grade math benchmark on the 18th.  They will also be asked to work on it in school so they MUST remember to have it in their math notebooks at all times.
**The 2nd 9 week YTD Math Test(taken for a major grade)will be administered after holiday break and we have had time to wrap up the 2nd 9 week content/review.  Notebooks should be used as they complete the questions.  This will encourage them to go back and look at previously taught content they may have forgotten about. 
**Perfect practice makes perfect.  Do your best and don’t just rush to finish!
Urgent!  Our Holiday Celebration is next Thursday .  A letter was sent home today with important information regarding lunch that day as well as a request for some donated snack/drink items for the party.  We will watch The Polar Express and answer math/reading questions throughout the movie, have lunch in our room and enjoy some other holiday activities.
SCA sponsored Spirit Week is also next week. 
Monday(12-17): Christmas PJ Day(no slippers)
Tuesday(12-18): Dress as your favorite holiday character
Wednesday(12-19): Holiday Sock and Headwear day
Thursday(12-20): Holiday Celebration and Tacky Sweater Day

Monday, December 10, 2018

Image result for snowmageddon

Perimeter/Area/Volume Extra Credit 

I hope you are taking the opportunity to get outside and play in the snow.  While you thaw out and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, take a look at these extra credit problems.

Mr. Sparico needed to shovel the snow from his driveway so he could get to the grocery store following the snow storm yesterday.  He has a long rectangular driveway that is 47 feet long and 13 feet wide, so there was a lot of snow to shovel.

Part 1:  What is the perimeter of Mr Sparico’s driveway?

Part 2:  What is the area of his driveway that was covered by snow?

Part 3:  Mr Sparico’s back porch is 48 inches long and 32 inches wide.  If the snow was 8 inches high, what is the volume of snow that fell on his porch?

Each part is worth 5 extra credit points with a potential for 115 extra credit pts. 

To earn the points you MUST:

Turn assignment in the day we return to school(no late work accepted).

Answers must include the correct units of measurement. 

ALL work must be submitted.  No “I did it in my head” will be accepted. 


Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Homework:  Complete the perimeter, area(rectangle/squares/triangles) review sheet.  Be sure to refer to completed ex’s in notebook as needed and use the foldable manipulative as well that was created in class today.

I will not be in school tomorrow, so homework will be collected Friday.  Please speak to you child about appropriate behavior in class when a substitute teacher is needed.