Friday, December 14, 2018

Homework:  It does not happen often, but I am assigning a little work over the weekend.   This is in an effort to catch up from snow days and in preparation for the 2nd 9 week county benchmark next Tuesday.  My end of term test will be administered after break and we’ve reviewed more.

**The assignment is to finish(started in class) study guide questions #’s 21-29 only(skip the other questions).  These are all computation questions that will requre them to add/subtract/multiply/divide whole numbers and decimals.  >>Because it’s been a while since I taught these skills(1st 9 weeks), I recommend that they refer to their notebooks 1st as a review prior to working through these 9 problems.  There are plenty of step by step examples in their notebooks!


**Make sure they number and show their work for every solution on the lined/grid paper provided and also write their answers on answer sheet. 

Additional reminders:

Refer to yesterday’s post for SCA sponsored spirit day schedule for next week.   

Social Studies benchmark is Monday and Math is Tuesday.

Our Holiday celebration is next Thursday following the school wide sing-a-long and our Reading Buddy activity with the Ms. Mair’s pre-k class.