Thursday, January 10, 2019

Homework: Prime/Composite worksheet(side #1 only as instructed in class. DO NOT WORK AHEAD! **Side 2nd will be assigned in-class.

Use the prime and composite number divisibility rules with each and every number. DO NOT GUESS! Think about the exceptions!!

Heads Up Parents: A field trip permission form will be sent home in Thursday folders today. Please read it over, fill in and sign the bottom slip as needed, cut it off and return by the due date provided.

Tomorrow 1/11/19: Report cards go home and it is “Scarf Day”

Finally, in anticipation of snow days next week when I was planning on administering the YTD math test, I will be expecting every student to take their math notebook home over the weekend. Their 2nd 9 week math test study guide(should be corrected) is in the pocket folder. Use it to review as needed. The test will next week assuming we won’t be out all week, but no more in-class review will be provided.

***I will also hand them each next week’s daily(M-Th) math review to complete at home on days we miss due to snow. Soooo… if we are out Monday, Monday’s review should be done when they come in Tuesday. If we are out Monday and Tuesday, then both day’s should be done when come in Wednesday, and so on. Thanks for the support at home.