Friday, January 11, 2019

Reminder! Due to impending snow days off and lost instructional time, I will be instructing all students to take their math notebooks home today. Their 2nd 9 week YTD test study guide should be in the pocket folder along with next week’s Monday-Thursday math review.

They should review daily using their notebooks and study guides. Focus on their weaknesses.

They will be instructed to complete math review on those days we are out due to the weather. So be prepared to discuss answers/solutions upon return and take the weekly quiz next Friday regardless of days off. It is all review, but refer to your notebook if you get stuck on a question, or use the remind app to communicate with me.

I am also giving them a Prime and Composite Hidden Winter Picture Extra Credit worksheet. It will be due no later than next Friday(assuming we are back).

Enjoy the snow!!

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