Remind Messaging Changes

I apologize in advance for this long post, but I need all of my Remind particpants that are Verizon Wireless customers to be aware of some major changes. Effective 1/28 you will no longer be able to recieve text messages from me because I am (and any of you who are) a Verizon customer. If you do not use Verizon, then I am assuming you have nothing to worry about.  Please read below for specific details.

What’s happening? To offer their text messaging service free of charge, Remind has always paid for each text that their users receive or send. Now, Verizon is charging Remind an additional fee intended for companies that send spam over its network. Our Remind messages aren’t spam, but their efforts to resolve the issue with Verizon haven’t been successful.

As a result, the Verizon fee will increase costs of providing text messaging by 11X—pushing their annual costs into the millions of dollars. This isn’t financially feasible, and it’s forcing them to end Remind text messaging for everyone who has a wireless plan with Verizon.

Bottom line? Beginning January 28, 2019, Verizon wireless customers who are participants in my Remind class who normally get my Remind messages as texts will no longer receive my messages. If you have another carrier then you should be fine(I guess?)

What can Verizon customers do? Choose one of the following options:

  1. Download the Remind mobile app.
  2. Enable email notifications from Remind.
  3. Access my classroom blog at anytime for homework/class/grade level/school updates. I update it regularly. ***All of which are free of charge. 

If you have questions, please let me know.  

Thanks for your understanding,  Mr. Sparico