Thursday, March 28, 2019

Tomorrow is PJ Day(but slippers are NOT permitted) and Grizzly Pride Day.

Grizzly Pride Day is only for those students that have earned it. Students with with too many student conduct forms or office referrals will not be participting and will be in a refocusing group with our guidance counselors focused on learning/practicing how to make better decisions.

Our team(Guedri/Callahan/Sparico) will be having a kickball tournament outside for our teambuilding activity for Grizzly Pride Day.

Just a reminder that the LCES PTA YMCA Family Spirit Night is tonight. Come join us for swimming, classes and open gym. Click below for more inforomation and if you wish to pre-pay.

Enjoy your …

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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Fieldtrip tomorrow. Car riders, please be on time. The Friday Math quiz will be administered tomorrow morning due to Grizzly Pride Day activities and short classes Friday morning. I do not want kids missing anything because they are making up work.

Remember! Do not bring electronics. Dress for a cold morning and wear comfortable clothes/shoes for an outdoor/walking fieldtrip. Bring a lunch/water.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Homework: Prime/Composite Number SOL Review Sheet. Students were reminded to use the divisibility rules they were taught, and to think about the exceptions to those rules. This can be hard for kids, so the more effort they put into using the rules and thinking about the exceptions, the better they will do. If they guess, they will miss.

Parent Update:

Education Galaxy is a new online resource the students are using in school but it can(and should) be used at home as well. user/passwords were given.

**ALL of the content is alligned with the VDOE math SOL’s and will be a great way to review and practice for the SOL’s.

A pre-test must be completed before any study plan lessons are completed. The pre-test results will be used to assign specific lessons/review activities for each student so PLEASE NO NOT help them if they do this at home. If you do it will skew the results and assign inappropriate lesssons for your child’s ability level. Please contact me with questions.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Homework: Complete tomorrow’s(Tuesday) Math Review questions.

Fieldtrip is Thursday. The following are a few reminders:

1. Dress for the weather and wear comfortable shoes.

2. Bring a bagged lunch(unless a school lunch was requested) and water.

3. No special transportation to school is needed that day. Our morning routine will be the same. We will board buses after announcements and leave at 9:00 AM sharp.

4. No electronics are permitted. Cellphones will be left at the school. If your child would like to take pictures, I recommend a disposable camera.

5. Thanks to all the chaperones that have volunteered their time, but remember, you are not permitted to bring other children/siblings along. You will be responsible for a small group of students throughout the fieldtrip. We should be back around 2:00, at which time we will finish the school day until dismissal at 3:45.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Students were offered an Ordering Fraction Models Extra Credit Assignment in class this week. It is due next Tuesday. No late work will be accepted.

**They were given specific instructions to show their work so I can see how they compared the fractions to one another. I will not give credit for “I did it in my head”.

We discussed possible strategies, and they all agree that converting them all to decimals would work, although there are other ways to show me how they ordered them.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Homework: Complete the “Sue’s outfit…” probability problem glued into your notebook. 1st – Show the fundimental counting principle.

2nd – Create 2 Sample Spaces(Tree Diagram and List) to show all of the possible outfit combinations Sue has to choose from. NEATNESS COUNTS!

**Refer to the completed examples in your notebook and be sure to think about how spread out the 1st choices are, so the rest of your tree diagram is NOT all crammed together. You will redo your work if needed.


3/21: Tomorrow is college basketball jersey day.

3/28: Next Wednesday is our fieldtrip with The Friends of The Rappahannock. Dress for the weather and wear very comfortable shoes. NO electronics permitted. No need for cash. Pack a lunch/snacks/water. If you requested a bagged school lunch, it will be ready for you.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Homework: Perimeter/Area/Volume SOL review sheet. Students were reminded to use the “Brain Dumps” for visual reminders as to what to do to calculate each. Parents, ask your kids to explain what the “Brain Dumps” are and how they use them. There is plenty of work to be shown.


Please sign/return report card envelopes by end of week. Let us know if you are requesting a conference in the space provided on front of envelope.

If you scroll down to my 3/15 post, you’ll see several updates and calender reminders to be aware of.

Happy Fri”yeah” 3/15/2019

Important reminders and updates:

  1. Report Cards were handed out today(3/15) for the 3rd 9 weeks. Keep the report card and sign the envelope. Check the space provded if a conference is requested, sign and return envelope only.
  2. The Book Fair started today with students beginning to preview during their encore period and will continue through the 22nd. Mr Sparico’s class has library next Thursday the 21st. That would be the best day to send your child in with $ to purchase. A flier was sent home with more details.
  3. Spring Picture Day is next Wednesday 3/20. Send NO $. A proof set will come home with details on how to purchase.
  4. Wednesday the 20th is also the LCES Curriculum Night/Family Book Fair Night from 5-7PM.
  5. March 25-29 Family Life Instruction will be taught during PE. All students participate unless an opt-out form was signed and returned.
  6. March 28th is our 5th Grade Field trip to the Friends of the Rappahannock. Dress for the weather, wear comfortable shoes, pack a lunch/snack/water(unless a school lunch was requeted). ***No electronics.
  7. March 29th is an LCES School Spirit Day and a PTA Treat Friday. Wear your school/club gear and bring a buck to buy a treat.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Homework: The fraction unit test was started today. Homework is to take notebooks home and review adding, subtracting, comparing and ordering fractions and decimals. This will be the 1st test grade for the 4th 9 weeks, so they will want to start off with a good grade.

Tomorrow is “Wear Green Day” to celbrate St Patrick’s Day. It is also the last day to take a photo with a leprechaun in the BETA Club Photo Booth($1.00)

The Book Fair begins tomorrow and ends next Friday. Make sure your kids are prepared to shop if they would like to purchase books next week. Mr. Sparico’s class has library on Thursday next week.

The LCES Family Book Fair/Curriculum Night is Wednesdy 3/20 from 5-7.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Homework: Students(some) from Ms Guedri and Ms Callahan’s classes have math review quiz corrections from last week to complete and turn in before announcements tomorrow.

All students were told there will be 2 assignments(see below) this week to review for every day, so notebooks should be coming home.

  1. Add/Subtract, compare/order fractions/mixed numbers/decimals.
  2. Mean/Meadian/Mode/Range/Stem-Leaf and Line plots.

Tomorrow 3.14.19 is National Pi(3.14….) Day. Mathematical Pi that is. **Send your kids in with some “Pi”e to celebrate with at lunch.

Tomorrow is also the LCES Talent Show from 6-8. ***Any BETA members interested in helping work the snack stand, please come out and help. I will be there along with Mrs St John to monitor and handle the $$. Our Club gets all the proceeds from amy sales tomorrow.