Thursday, March 21, 2019

Homework: Complete the “Sue’s outfit…” probability problem glued into your notebook. 1st – Show the fundimental counting principle.

2nd – Create 2 Sample Spaces(Tree Diagram and List) to show all of the possible outfit combinations Sue has to choose from. NEATNESS COUNTS!

**Refer to the completed examples in your notebook and be sure to think about how spread out the 1st choices are, so the rest of your tree diagram is NOT all crammed together. You will redo your work if needed.


3/21: Tomorrow is college basketball jersey day.

3/28: Next Wednesday is our fieldtrip with The Friends of The Rappahannock. Dress for the weather and wear very comfortable shoes. NO electronics permitted. No need for cash. Pack a lunch/snacks/water. If you requested a bagged school lunch, it will be ready for you.