Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Homework: Prime/Composite Number SOL Review Sheet. Students were reminded to use the divisibility rules they were taught, and to think about the exceptions to those rules. This can be hard for kids, so the more effort they put into using the rules and thinking about the exceptions, the better they will do. If they guess, they will miss.

Parent Update:

Education Galaxy is a new online resource the students are using in school but it can(and should) be used at home as well. user/passwords were given.

**ALL of the content is alligned with the VDOE math SOL’s and will be a great way to review and practice for the SOL’s.

A pre-test must be completed before any study plan lessons are completed. The pre-test results will be used to assign specific lessons/review activities for each student so PLEASE NO NOT help them if they do this at home. If you do it will skew the results and assign inappropriate lesssons for your child’s ability level. Please contact me with questions.