Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Homework: Correct Tuesday and Wednesday Math Review(if not done in class today). They need to bring their corrections to me prior to announcements in the morning ay 8:50.

Science SOL retake letters went home today for those students that were close enough to retake. Remediation will take place and retakes will be Friday of this week.

Friday is the rescheduled LCES Grizzly Games and Color Run. Dress appropriately and bring a lunch because we will be eating outside. *Students that buy, will get a bagged lunch from the cafeteria.

ALL picture money, or the pictures you are not purchasing are due Friday!

ALL Library books, or the money to replace lost books due Friday as well!

Monday, April 29th, 2019

Homework: Take Science Binders home to study for their 1st 5th Grade Standardized Test(Science). This test covers content from 3rd-5th grade and is not easy. Ms Callahan has provided great resources from which to review. Please encourage your student to spend time tonight focusing on those areas they feel they are weak.

Tips: Get a great night sleep, eat a great breakfast, and be here abd on time to avoid having to make-up the test alone on an alternative date.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Reminder! Friday 4/26/19: LCES Grizzly Games and Color Run from 12:30-3:30.

Dress appropriately for running around.

Lunch will be early from 12-12:30 outside(weather permitting). **Bring a bagged lunch or buy a bagged lunch from the cafe.

Bring water.

There will be KONA ice to buy so bring in $ to purchase if you want.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Homework: Complete Monday’s(yesterday) and Wednesday’s(tomorrow) Math Review for this week. There is a significant amount of paper pencil work to show. NEATLY NUMBER AND SHOW IT PLEASE TO LIMIT MENTAL MATH ERRORS! Time was provided in class to begin their homework.

This Friday is the LCES Color Run and Grizzly Games. Please send kids in dressed appropriately for lots of run around that day.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Several important reminders:

Tomorrow, Friday, April 19 is super hero day. We will release at 12:40.  *The PTA will be providing a free popsicle to each student tomorrow. *Signed CMS 6th grade schedules are also due tomorrow. It is also the last day to send in $ for the BETA Club Coins For Cancer Fund Raiser.

To the families that have donated…

Image result for you rock

Monday, April 22 there is no school.   

Friday April 26th is the LCES Grizzly Games Day and PTA Color Run

SOL Schedule for 5th Grade: 4/30 Science, 5/8 Reading, 5/15 Math

Tuesday May 21st is the 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony

Wednesday May 22nd is the last day of school and we release early!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Homework: Perimeter SOL Review page. Number and show ALL work on the back. DO NOT DO MENTAL MATH. Far too many students still making basic mental math errors.

PLEASE consider sending in your spare change to help the BETA Club raise $ for cancer research. The grade level that collects the most $ will win a popsicle party.

The BETA Club Bunny Photo Booth will be open through Thursday. Pictures are $1.00 each.

Jelly Bean Guesses ($.50) can be made at the school store Tuesday and Thursday.

Monday April 15, 2019

Homework: Finish the pattern table worksheet started in class. They are tricky. You really need to read each and every answer choice carefully to determine the rule that is being applied to each table. There will most likely be some calculations you will want to do in your head. DON’T! Show any scratch work on the back as you consider every answer choice.

Some current event reminders:

  1. Please send in your spare change(or bills). The BETA Club is collecting $ for the Pennies for Patients Cancer Research Foundation. We will accept any and all $$(coins or bills). Thanks in advance for your donations.
  2. The BETA Club Bunny Photo Shoot will be open this week Monday-Thursdy from 8:15-9:00 in front of the forum. Bring in $1.00 and get a picture with 1(or more) of our BETA Club Bunnies.
  3. The Jelly Bean Guess is still going on. A guess can be made on Tuesday and Thursday at the school store for $.50. The closest to the actual count wins the cup of jelly beans. There is a Pre-k and a 3rd-5th grade cup of jelly beans so there will be a winner for each.


Thursday, April 11, 2019

No homework, but here are important calender updates/reminders:

The BETA Club is currently holding a “Coins for Cancer Fundraiser”. It ends on the 19th. PLEASE send in your spare change(or bills) to make a change in someone’s life. The homeroom that collects the most $ will win a popsicle party. ALL of the $ raised from this fundraiser will be donated to the local Pennies for Patients organization.

Spring/Bunny Photo Shoot. The BETA Club is also holding another photo shoot(like our leprechaun photo booth) but with our BETA Club “Bunnies”. Photo’s are $1.00 each. Students can bring in $1 next week(Monday-Thursday) to have their picture taken from 8:15-9:00 AM each day with one or more of our BETA Club Bunnies.

The BETA Club voted at our last meeting to donate all $ raised this year(except the coins for cancer) will be donated to a local animal shelter and to the Wright’s Chapel Hotel Ministry in Carmel Church that caters specifically to local families that are currently homeless.

4/12: Wear your favorite Number Day. I like the number Pi, but I can’t seem to find a shirt big enough to fit the number??

4/17: 9:30 am Volunteer Breakfast

4/17: Art Show and Pyramid Concert CHS – 6:30 PM

4/18: Interims go home

4/19: Early Dismissal for Students/Superhero Day and PTA Treat Friday

22: No School

4/25: LCES Spring Fling 6:30 pm. BETA Club volunteers will be selling consessions to raise money for local charity.

4/26: Grizzly Games Day

4/26: PTA Color run

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Homework: Complete the SOL Triangle Review sheet. Refer to your notebook if needed. It has been a while since we learned and practiced with triangles.

Remember! There are 2 ways to sort or classify triangles.

1. Based on the length of their sides using the words(equilateral, Scalene, Isosceles) and

2. Based on the measure of their angles using the words(right, acute, obtuse).

Your homework will require you to classify them BOTH ways so be sure include both words based on the length of its sides and the measure of its angles to get credit for your answer!

>>>You will also need to find the missing angle in a triangle so be sure to look back in your notebook for examples. DO NOT GUESS!