Monday April 15, 2019

Homework: Finish the pattern table worksheet started in class. They are tricky. You really need to read each and every answer choice carefully to determine the rule that is being applied to each table. There will most likely be some calculations you will want to do in your head. DON’T! Show any scratch work on the back as you consider every answer choice.

Some current event reminders:

  1. Please send in your spare change(or bills). The BETA Club is collecting $ for the Pennies for Patients Cancer Research Foundation. We will accept any and all $$(coins or bills). Thanks in advance for your donations.
  2. The BETA Club Bunny Photo Shoot will be open this week Monday-Thursdy from 8:15-9:00 in front of the forum. Bring in $1.00 and get a picture with 1(or more) of our BETA Club Bunnies.
  3. The Jelly Bean Guess is still going on. A guess can be made on Tuesday and Thursday at the school store for $.50. The closest to the actual count wins the cup of jelly beans. There is a Pre-k and a 3rd-5th grade cup of jelly beans so there will be a winner for each.