Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Homework: Finish the odd numbered pattern problems in your notebook on BOTH pages(11 total). Be sure to show any work ON THE NEXT PAGE that may be required to avoid mental errors.

**The even ones were done in class with my guidance to demonstrate the work and strategies they can use as they solve each problem. They should help as long as you were folllowing along in class as we completed them.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Homework: Probability review packet(2 pages). For some of these questions, students need to determine the probability of an event in the form of a fraction or a decimal. Sometimes an answer in fraction form will be represented in simplest form. They may need to THINK about that before they just guess if they don’t see the original fraction as an answer choice.

The other questions will require them to read the questions carefully and to look for probability word clues like impossible, unlikely, equally likely, more likely, certain. I want to know if they can identify questions that would require someone to use probability to solve(as opposed to addition, subtraction, etc.)

April 2019 is Math Awareness Month  

Daily Jokes, Riddles and Interesting Math Facts Brought To You By Mr. Sparico. Riddle me this? 4/8/19 Which month has 28 days?