Thursday, May 16, 2019

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Yes, we made it! All the SOL testing is done except for a few lucky kids that get the opportunity to retake their Math SOL on Friday.

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My three math classes (65 students) earned at least a 97% pass rate(63/65). That may go up after retakes are averaged in. AWESOME! I pushed hard and they worked hard. The effort has paid off! And there was 1 perfect 600(not an easy task!). We can’t tell them their scores just yet, but believe they will be mailed home at a later date.

Our focus now is to relax and enjoy the last few days of elementary school.

Tomorrow students will be rewarded with a slice of pizza if they have not lost it due to mis-behavior. This is not in place of their normal lunch, but in additon to. It is also math SOL retake day, cotton candy PTA treat day(send in $1.00 if your child), and Hawaiian Day!

Remember! The 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony is Tuesday 5/21 from 9:30-? You may take your child home immediately following the ceremony, but must come to their homeroom to sign them out first.