Friday, January 18, 2019

No homework over the weekend BUT…due to lost instructional time this week and next for MLK Day, I sent home next week’s math review today. They need to complete Monday’s problems prior to coming to school Tuesday. If they want to work ahead for next week? Go for it!

Below is a link to the math review if needed.

Notebooks should also be coming home because we have still not had the time to complete the YTD Math Test. I have put that on the back burner but will find time to assess over the coming weeks. It will probably be spread out over a few days in order to keep moving with new content being presented for the 3rd 9 weeks.


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Next Friday 1-25: BETA Induction at 9:00, Honors Assembly at 9:30. It is also School Spirit Day.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Homework: Finish #1-8 only on the “Reduce Fractions To Lowest Terms” worksheet using the Prime Factor Tree method to identify the GCF.

Today we dug a little deeper into our fraction unit beginning with writing fractions in lowest terms, also known as simplest form. Most students were taught to use the letter “F” as a reminder to list the Factors for both the numerator(top number) and denominator(bottom number) in order to identify the Greatest Common Factor(GCF). Unfortunately, many still do not know ALL of their facts so they omit factors from their list. And often times the factor they forget is the GCF. That’s not good.

So…today I taught them a new method for identifying the GCF using a Prime Factor Tree. This method can be a safety net for those kids that can’t recall all of the factors because they do NOT have to recall ALL of the factors, just one pair! That’s a good thing!

**PLEASE follow my directions for homework and neatly number and show each prime factor tree on lined paper(provided). Give yourself room to draw each factor tree. DO NOT SQUEEZE THE WORK TOGTHER!

**We completed lots of examples in class for you to refer to if needed.  

We will begin adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers next week so it is extremely important that they have a reliable method for finding the GCF so they can write their final answers in simplest form!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Homework: Prime and Composite Quiz Review sheet. I handed back a prime/composite number assignment from last week for them to correct. There were lots of mistakes because they are guessing. They must think about the divisibility rules and the prime/composite “exceptions” to those rules to be sure a number has exactly 2 factors(prime) or more than 2 factors(composite). They can’t just guess!

Other Reminders:

BETA $35 dues and permission(if you were eligible) due tomorrow.

Friday is Twin Day AND is a half day for students!

Next Monday there is no school for Martin Luther King Day.

BETA Club Reminders

If you were found eligible and were invited to join the BETA Club last week, the $35 Membership dues along with the permisson slip with parent contact information and t-shirt size(adult) are due no later than this Thursday 1/17/19.

**Please turn the $ and permission slip in to Mrs Zirkle prior to announcements on Thursday 1/17 so she can reciept and turn all monies in to the school book keeper on time.

The BETA Club Induction Ceremony will take place on the 25th at 9:00 am prior to the 5th Grade Honors Assembly.

DON’T FORGET! The essay and recommendation letters(2) are due no later than the 1st club meeting on 1/30/2019. Please drop your child off at the 5th grade entrance, not the front school entrance for all meetings. Members, please drop your bookbag off in your homeroom and then come directly to Mr Sparico’s room with your agenda and a pencil.

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Monday, January 14, 2019

Remember, next week’s math review(1/14-1/18) was handed out Friday in anticipation of snow days this week. Be sure to complete the problems for Monday before coming in to school Tuesday. If there is a delay or another cancellation Tuesday, then have Tuesday’s problems done as well prior to coming in to school. Below is a copy of the problems if needed or you were absent.

Be on the look out for notebooks to come home daily, with lot’s of new entries. We will quickly begin the next unit on fractions/decimals this week. Students will need to be able to add and subtract fractions/mixed numbers and be able to write their answers in simplest form so we will review(that is a 4th grade SOL) how to do that 1st before we begin adding and subtracting.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Reminder! Due to impending snow days off and lost instructional time, I will be instructing all students to take their math notebooks home today. Their 2nd 9 week YTD test study guide should be in the pocket folder along with next week’s Monday-Thursday math review.

They should review daily using their notebooks and study guides. Focus on their weaknesses.

They will be instructed to complete math review on those days we are out due to the weather. So be prepared to discuss answers/solutions upon return and take the weekly quiz next Friday regardless of days off. It is all review, but refer to your notebook if you get stuck on a question, or use the remind app to communicate with me.

I am also giving them a Prime and Composite Hidden Winter Picture Extra Credit worksheet. It will be due no later than next Friday(assuming we are back).

Enjoy the snow!!

Image result for enjoy the snow

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Homework: Prime/Composite worksheet(side #1 only as instructed in class. DO NOT WORK AHEAD! **Side 2nd will be assigned in-class.

Use the prime and composite number divisibility rules with each and every number. DO NOT GUESS! Think about the exceptions!!

Heads Up Parents: A field trip permission form will be sent home in Thursday folders today. Please read it over, fill in and sign the bottom slip as needed, cut it off and return by the due date provided.

Tomorrow 1/11/19: Report cards go home and it is “Scarf Day”

Finally, in anticipation of snow days next week when I was planning on administering the YTD math test, I will be expecting every student to take their math notebook home over the weekend. Their 2nd 9 week math test study guide(should be corrected) is in the pocket folder. Use it to review as needed. The test will next week assuming we won’t be out all week, but no more in-class review will be provided.

***I will also hand them each next week’s daily(M-Th) math review to complete at home on days we miss due to snow. Soooo… if we are out Monday, Monday’s review should be done when they come in Tuesday. If we are out Monday and Tuesday, then both day’s should be done when come in Wednesday, and so on. Thanks for the support at home.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Homework: Prime and Composite number sort. Don’t forget to write the rule for those numbers that you classify as composite!




Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Homework: Finish the Order of Operations Take Home Quiz in preparation for the 2nd 9 week test. Corrections will be made prior to the test as needed. SHOW ALL WORK NEATLY. Remember PeMDAS! Evaluate the expressions from left to right. Refer to the dozens of completed examples in your notebook if you get stuck. Now is not the time to guess. Below is a link to the worksheet if it is misplaced or for students that are absent.