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My name is Mr. Sparico and I will be your Math teacher in 5th grade.  This will be my 13th year teaching in Caroline County and am looking forward to working with you this year as you take on more responsibility and accountability for your performance in school.  I know the school year is a wild time with crazy schedules and routines, but with those challenges comes growth.

This year is going to be an extremely fun yet challenging year for all 5th graders.  Why?  Because they will take an end of course SOL test in 3 subjects this year!  Yes!  In 5th grade the state requires every student to take a VA Standards Of Learning Assessment in Math, Reading/Language Arts and Science.

With that said, your support at home with school work will be very important to your child as they juggle everything on their plate this year.  My blog is updated regularly and will serve as a resource for both students and parents, so please check it frequently.

You can contact me via the school website by clinking the link below:

Lewis and Clark Elementary School

or by E-mail at:

or by phone at 804 – 448 – 0175