General Information

Below are some points to remember throughout the year!!

1.  Communication – My main channel of communication with parents/guardians will be this blog and the remind app.

To receive messages via text message:

Step 1:  Text my class code @mrsparic to 81010.
Step 2:  Reply to the message from Remind team with first and last name.

To Receive messages via push notification
Step1:  Download the Remind app on your Android or iOS device, or go to to install the app.
Step 2:  Once you’ve downloaded the app, create a parent account with your email address.
Step 3:  Go to the Classes tab, tap the +, and enter our unique class code @mrsparic.

*Please check this blog daily or get the remind app to stay informed of assigned homework, upcoming assessments and a whole lot of other updates and reminders.

*Agendas are the student’s responsibility and are a great way to communicate.  I tell them what to write in it.  They just need to copy from the board.  Encourage your child to update it in class and bring it home. 

* Thursday Folders are also a way for us to communicate with you.  This must be returned the next day(Friday) so PLEASE remember to ask for, check, sign, and return it every Friday.  Most of their graded work is sent home in this folder along with school-wide notices, upcoming events, etc.

***There is no reason a parent or guardian should not be aware of what I am expecting of their student as long as the agenda and my checked daily or the remind app is used.  

2.  Student behavior expectations – Well behaved students demonstrate respect for both their peers and the adults around them. Demonstrating that respect for everyone in school will be one of the keys to their success this year.  If your child can demonstrate respect for the adults and peers in school they will have a much more enjoyable school year.  Please talk to your child about how to (i.e., follow the rules, resolve conflicts) demonstrate respect for those around them.  Please ask your child to explain my classroom expectations.  We discussed them at length the first day of school.  As I said above, respecting those you work and play with is one of the keys to success.

3.  Supplies – Please check with your child periodically to ensure that they have all they need to be successful in school.  I do my best to provide extra’s in case of emergencies by expect most of that burden to fall upon your shoulders as the child’s parent or guardian.

4.  Homework:  Your child will probably have homework from me (Math) 2-3 days/week, but it will usually require no more than 20 minutes to complete.  I say this with confidence because I will never assign practice/review problems as homework that I have not taught in class.  Their Math notebook will be an important resource so please be on the lookout for it and ask them to show you what they are doing in my class.  Allowing them time to talk about what they learn in school is a great way for them to “study” without them even knowing they are studying!

Current Unit Content:  Refer to the Math link to view a more detailed description of what is happening and upcoming in my Math class.

Please feel free to contact me with questions/concerns.  I hope to have a fun, exciting, and successful year with your child.

BULLYING.  Or should I say NO BULLYING!!!

LCES has a zero tolerance Bullying program and as one of the LCES Bullying Committee members I am a strong proponent here at LCES.  We take Bullying very serious as it negatively affects the individuals involved as well as the classroom environment as a whole.  Please reinforce friendly, respectful behavior at home as that will trickle into the classroom and positively influence those around them.  If we (teachers/parents/grandparents/etc.) as the adult in the children’s lives provide a good model for them, they will in turn become good role models for their peers.