Below are links to academic websites with countless videos, activities, games and other resources to help your child.  Some can be clicked on to open and others need to be copied and pasted into your web browser.

Copy/paste the below link.  It will provide TEI(Technology Enhanced Items) SOL formatted questions to practice: They are great practice items!!

Copy and paste the URL below into your web browser for lots of great technology enhanced practice math SOL questions.

Probability Fair – A Cool Set of Probability Games for Kids

Social Studies Kaleidoscope article –

Social Studies 54-40 or Fight Reading article – – copy link into browser to view prime number rap.

The following two links are tangram puzzle games for practice combining and subdividing polygons.

The following link is to the ixl website with lots of online practice resources.

aaamath perimeter:

Below is a good video modeling the Distributive Property using the Angry Birds game.

Below is another good video on the Distributive Property.